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Reasons for Using Search

Working with an executive recruiter, a client company usually can fill an important position much more quickly than it can on its own.

Executive recruiting firms are retained to ensure that the broadest possible range of potential candidates for a position is considered.

Professional executive recruiting services are remarkably cost effective when measured against the human and financial performance that results from a truly good match between the client's needs and the individual's qualifications.

At times a company is reluctant to broadcast a strategic change in its management or business. Often individuals are reluctant to compromise their current positions by exploring new opportunities. An executive recruiting consultant can preserve the confidentiality of both throughout the often delicate recruiting process.

Professional Service
As executive recruiters, we are our clients' representative in the marketplace and may be the first contact a prospective candidate has with the client company. In selecting an executive recruiting firm, a client must feel confident that the character of their organization will be represented accurately and that all actions initiated on their behalf will be handled professionally.

Search Process
While every search is unique, ERG's objective is always to identify, evaluate and present the most highly qualified candidates for a client's particular needs. To this end, we follow the general plan shown here: Meet with key executives of the client company to understand the position, the company and the "personal chemistry" of the situation. Often our experience with previous assignments in a marketplace, function or technology is of value to our clients in assessing the demands of the position and the qualifications of the individual who can best fill it. Develop and draft a detailed position specification. Design the search strategy most likely to identify the best-qualified candidates for the assignment. Research target industries and companies using the substantial resources of our own research and database and other commercial databases. Interview the best prospects in person. Check references prior to introducing candidates to the client. We interview a candidate's peers, as well as former subordinates and superiors to develop a well-rounded picture of the candidate's skills and management style. Provide the client with a "Profile Report" on the candidate, which includes chronological background information, as well as our subjective evaluation of the candidate and a summary of references. Arrange personal interviews between the client and the candidate. Negotiate the offer and the acceptance between the client and the candidate. Follow up with the successful candidate during the transition period-normally the first year.

We will work on a search until a successful conclusion is reached or the client decides to stop the search.
Should a person hired through Executive Resource Group, Inc., terminate employment for any reason except illness or death during the first year of employment, we will, at the client's request, initiate a search to replace that individual at no additional fee to the client, except out-of-pocket expenses.
The consultant who sells the search is the client contact throughout the search. Although ERG employs both research and recruiting personnel, at no time will the search be "handed off" to a junior search trainee. Interviews, reference checks and candidate profiles are completed by the consultant.

Fees and Expenses

Executive Resource Group, Inc.'s fee is thirty-three percent of the anticipated first year's cash compensation. This includes base salary plus any cash bonuses. Non-cash, deferred compensation or equity payments are not included.
Executive Resource Group, Inc.'s fee is billed in three installments, based upon these benchmarks:

  • Commencement of the search
  • Upon referral of candidates
  • At the completion of the search


  • Directly related out-of-pocket travel, telephone, mailing, research and interviewing expenses are charged to the client and billed as incurred. These involve no mark-up and are shared between clients whenever possible.

The client has the right to cancel the search at any time by written notification and will be billed for professional time and expenses to that point.

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